The Band

Daniel Bacon- Bass

Daniel has written, produced, recorded and performed music for various projects for NFL Films, dance companies such as The Koresh Dance Company, health care industry video, television commercials, visual art exhibitions and film. He has also performed with WellStar (electronic soul), Big o Dizzy (progressive rock), Hale Allan (progressive rock), and Loose Change (Hip hop). Proving he's more than just a pretty face and nimble fingers, Dan is also owner/operator of Bodymind Personal Training. He's here to pump you up.

Russell Gellman - Drums

One half of the songwriting partnership known as MATTOWAX, Russell is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist. Based in Philadelphia PA, the group produces music for use in film, television, and other multimedia production. In addition, Russell performs with a host of other bands, including Fellaheen and Brian Donahue. If he wanted to, though, he could be a one-man-band.

Sam McIlvain - Guitar


Sam has accompanied, been a band member with, toured with, or recorded for: Aalacho (electronica), Andy Fitzpatrick (singer/songwriter), Chris Collingwood (pop), the Davenports (pop), Hot N Hazy (rock and fable), J. Walter Hawkes (swing/standards), the Lost, Wandering Blues and Jazz Band (N.O. and New York swing), Linard's Many Moods (funk), Madeline Peyroux (jazz/ swing), Mark Bacino (power pop), Sakura Nozaki (acid jazz/rap), Sexcop (rock n country), Spank (funk), Tryst (rock pop), Unisex Salon (punk). In other words, he's a busy man. He also speaks French. ;)

John Stenger - Keyboards

John is one of the most sought-after musicians in the Philadelphia region. The list of bands and artists that he works with, or has worked with, is extensive and includes: ellipsis, Natalie Walker, The Karl Jones Quartet, and Mouchette.

John's own work can be heard here. He is bad ass.

Sierra and Daniel also perform and record with: