8 or 80 (EP) - 2009
Imaginarium: the 8 or 80 Remixes - 2010


Songwriter and vocalist Sierra Hurtt has been performing and recording since the tender age of 4. The daughter of award-winning songwriter, Phil Hurtt, Sierra grew up in the cradle of Philadelphia Soul. During her teens, she discovered Rock 'n' Roll, which led to a period of musical exploration that has resulted in a truly unique sound. In 2009, Sierra emerged as a fresh, new artist with stories to be told and a voice to be heard. With the infectious lead-off single "Rooftops", her debut EP 8 or 80 is catching the attention of critics and audiences worldwide. Though she is often compared to Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Sia - among others - Sierra is carving a niche that is all her own.


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